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Green Heating for your Home
Society is becoming more and more aware of the environment nowadays. Words like “energy efficient, green construction” and “biodegradable” are becoming commonplace, and many of us are buying products with these types of labels in an attempt to do our part to save the environment.
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Heated tile floor in kitchen
Electric or Hydronic Radiant Heated Floor System?
Radiant heated floors may seem like a fairly new concept, but in fact, radiant floor heating technology has been in use for thousands of years. The Roman Empire employed radiant floor heating and radiant heat systems by utilizing a series of ducts underneath floors and flues within the walls. The steam and warm air heated by a furnace circulated through the system and warmed the floors and walls.
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Installing Radiant Floor Heating  
Tile flooring is no longer strictly relegated to the kitchen and bathroom in today’s modern homes. The coloring and unique aesthetics provided by tile flooring add a new element of design for living rooms and even bedrooms.
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Radiant Floor Heating Options for Your Home
With so many quality radiant floor heating solutions available, which one is best for your home? What are the differences between ComfortTile, In-Slab and low-voltage FloorHeat systems? What floor heating system is best for you?
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