FloorHeat Self-Regulating Floor Heating

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Warmzone's FloorHeat is a unique radiant floor heating element. This technologically advanced system features an extremely low profile polyethylene heating element that is flexible and very durable. The self-regulating, semi-conductive polyethylene heating element consistently distributes heat safely and evenly. No other radiant heating element can match its characteristics. Available in rolls 9 or 12-inches in width, FloorHeat is used for in-floor Radiant Heat applications as well as Roof Deicing.

The radiant floor heating system can be discreetly installed under most floor coverings including carpet, hardwood, laminates, ceramic tile, and slate. The electric radiant heat element can even be nailed or stapled in roofing applications without damaging it. The FloorHeat heating element is so thin, making it ideal for heating floors because it will not affect your floor buildup, weight loads, or flooring choices. The radiant heat system's durability and versatility also makes it a popular choice for remodeling jobs and retrofit applications.

When used for heating tile floors, FloorHeat can be installed underneath the cement board so that the floor retains heat longer after the floor heating system is turned off. During installation, no additional mortar or thinset is needed to cover the heating system because it is sandwiched between the subfloor and cement board.

The FloorHeat heated floors and RoofHeat systems provide innovative methods for radiant heating. Utilizing state of the art components and low-voltage electricity,  these products are virtually maintenance free and are safe, energy efficient and reliable. FloorHeat has a limited 20-year manufacturer FloorHeat Heated Floors logowarranty and is engineered to provide simple and problem-free solutions. Low-voltage electric radiant heat products have been in use since 1978.


Features and Benefits 

Product Feature Benefit

FloorHeat underfloor heating element.

Warmzone FloorHeat 
Low-Voltage, Self-Regulating  Floor Heating Systems
Single Point Connection

Less than 1/8-inch Thick

Self-Regulating Heating Element

Can be cut on Site

100% Efficient

Durable Construction Materials, Superior Engineering and Versatile Design

Can be Stapled and Nailed Through

Only the single lead wire needs to be connected to the thermostat, allowing you to layout the entire cable length without having to return the end back to the thermostat.

FloorHeat can be placed closer to the surface than other radiant floor heating systems and requires no surface buildup.

FloorHeat is self-regulating, so it draws only the energy required to maintain the ideal temperature.

Adjustments can be made on the job site, simplifying installation.

FloorHeat is 100% efficient, meaning that all the electrical power is directly transferred to heat.

FloorHeat can be used for a variety of radiant heat applications ranging from snow melting and roof deicing to heating almost any type of floor, including: hardwood, tile, carpet, laminates, vinyl, and marble, etc. It is also ideal for both renovation and new construction jobs.

Particularly advantageous for hardwood floor and heated roof installations.