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Baby Toes to a Sniffling Nose

November 07, 2010 00:11 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Many Reasons to Have Heated Floors

Why do moms come pre-wired with the ingrained phrase, “You’ll catch your death if you walk around in bare feet?”  It must be in the same micro-chip implanted in every mom-brain that also includes the dreaded “wait until your father gets home,” or “you’ll thank me when you’re older.” Or what about “life is NOT fair.” That is a truth we all learn too soon. That same micro-chip includes the inherent love of baby toes and soft good-night kisses after a hushed reading of Three Little Pigs. Moms and dads alike can rejoice in the many benefits of having a heated floor because it addresses some of these basic parenting delights.

First, a floor with electric radiant heat keeps those precious baby toes toasty warm. The little ones can crawl, toddle, and wiggle around on a warm surface. And secondly, as those baby toes grow and you worry more and more about illness, you can take heart with a heated floor. Those baby toes grow into teenager toes that may rebel against shoes and socks, but you’ll know they are staying warm thanks to your floor heating system.

Parenting comes with a lot of hardship shuffled amongst all that joy and laughter. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about at least one part of your kid’s lives? A heated floor offers many benefits for your family. Peace of mind being one of the reasons. Other reasons for having underfloor heating include affordability, efficient comfort and convenient versatility.

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A Home Improvement You Can Actually Feel

September 06, 2010 00:09 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Floor Heating Systems Give Your Home a Warm Boost

The housing market has seen better days. Most of us are hunkered down, trying to ride out this nasty storm. Smart home owners are taking advantage of great deals to make the home they are in even better and even more comfortable. A common sense home improvement project right now is a floor heating system , utilizing electric radiant floor heating. For a relatively low installation cost you can add warm floors throughout your home or in a key area that needs a little extra heat. Floor heating systems offer a home improvement project you can actually feel at the end of the day.

Another bonus to installing underfloor heating is that you will typically save money. The floor heating systems are energy efficient and far easier to fine tune than other types of home heating. Radiant floor heating is easy to retrofit to existing flooring too. You can install floor heating systems beneath hardwood, carpet, tile, linoleum, stone, or slate. A remodeling project can be on any size scale you are able to afford with just one room or an entire floor being fitted for electric radiant floor heating.

When considering a home improvement project that is simple to install, adds a great bang for your buck, and is something you can actually feel at the end of your stressful day, think about the benefits of a floor heating system.

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Heated Tile Floors Keep Your Home in Tip Top Shape

March 09, 2010 00:03 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Radiant Floor Heating Systems Cut Down on Dust

Using an electric floor heating system for your heated tile floors is a smart and effective way to cut down on the dust in your home. Your home’s dust attracting surfaces will require less dusting with heated tile floors because the forced-air furnace won’t be kicking up and blowing out all those particles (and allergens) that seem to accumulate faster than your Swiffer® can “swiff.” Many people who have installed heated floors comment how clean it feels compared to a traditional heating method. The heat is generated from the floor instead of being pushed out of vents and air ducts, causing mounds of grime you’d rather not deal with. Plus, you have the advantage of a more efficient heating system that uses the technology of radiant heat to warm your home as opposed to bulky, sometimes inefficient furnaces.

If you are an allergy sufferer there are also many advantages to purchasing a radiant floor heating system. Dander and dust aren’t swirling around your home like they do with a forced air system. This cuts down on the amount of allergens and allows you to breathe a little easier. Your home and your nasal passages stay in tip top shape thanks to heated tile floors.

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An Ode to your Feet

March 03, 2010 00:03 AM  BY  AMY MORBY

Give Your Hard-Working Feet the Gift of Radiant Floor Heat

Our feet do a lot of work. In fact, I would go so far to say that they are the hardest working part of our body, and they take a lot of abuse throughout the day. It’s a pity we don’t show our feet a little more love. And I bet that if your feet could write you a letter, they’d tell you that the only thing they could ask for is radiant floor heating.

Heated floors are hands down the  number one luxury you can give to your feet. Think about it—no more stepping on frozen hardwood floors in the morning or being shocked by frigid tiles after the shower. What more could your feet possibly want?

Of course, giving your feet the gift of radiant floor heat isn’t hard to do. With their ease and affordability, radiant floor heating systems make pampering your feet simple. Heated floors heat the room from the bottom up, heating up the surrounding objects first and creating a warm and cozy environment. It’s kind of like digging your feet into the warm sand at the beach, and we all know how much our feet love that sensation. What’s more, radiant floor heat is absolutely maintenance free, so you can rest assured knowing you got your feet a gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t let the foot abuse continue any longer. Install a radiant floor heating system and see how both you and your feet can benefit from the unparalleled comfort of heated floors

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Efficient, Customizable Floor Heat

January 22, 2010 00:01 AM  BY  BENSON RICKS

The Affordable Luxury of Radiant Floor Heat

I can’t think of a better time to talk about warm floors than January and February. What are warm floors? I’m sure by now you have heard of radiant heat. Electric radiant heat is a taste of heaven here on earth. Walk into a home with radiant floor heating and then one with traditional forced air heat. Tell me which one was more comfortable. There is no comparison in my opinion. Take your shoes off and soak it all in. The old adage that when your feet are warm you feel warm all over is so true.

One of the key benefits of a floor heating system is that they are easily adaptable to your needs. You can set each room to maintain the temperature you want. Each room can have its own thermostat. Shutting down rooms that aren’t being used is as easy as pushing a button. Electric radiant heat utilizes heating cable installed under the finished floor surface. Each room then has its own sensor.

If I were designing my next home it would most definitely have a heated floor. I’d sit and watch the snow come down and wiggle my sock clad feet around on the floor. 

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