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The Early Sinking Sun Means Home Heating Amps Up

December 14, 2012 00:12 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Underfloor Heat is a Good Solution for Long Winter Days

When the sun is sunk earlier in the day and the nights seem to linger longer, you know winter is here. With the onset of winter and long cold winter days, underfloor heating amps up to keep your home toasty and warm. In floor heating is a great solution for home heating as it offers an affordable and efficient way to keep even the tiniest corners of your home warm and comfortable. Even with the early sinking of the sun during the winter months and flying snow, you can still achieve optimal home heating with a radiant floor heating system.

Radiant floor heating offers premium home heat without sacrificing comfort and price. You can affordably heat your entire home using less energy, thereby spending less in the long run by running radiant floor heat. There are several different methods of radiant floor heating and Warmzone professionals are standing by to walk you through the details, offer recommendations and help you with your final purchase. Many people even choose to install the radiant floor heat by themselves. If you are a do-it-yourself minded person this is an easy weekend project to tackle in a smaller room like a bathroom or kitchen. Radiant floor heat works well under almost any type of flooring and is especially nice to walk on in bare feet.

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Heated Floors - A Better Way of Heating

January 11, 2010 00:01 AM  BY  BENSON RICKS

The Smart, Modern way to Heat Your Home

During the coldest time of year it’s comforting to know that we have ways of maintaining our comfort as we sit at home in the evenings. One of the best ways of combating the cold weather is through the use of heated floors. Radiant floor heating is an energy-efficient, toasty way to stay warm. When your home heating starts from the ground up, you may be surprised how effective heating your home this way is. Radiant floor heating system being installed under hardwood.When your feet are warm it is so much easier to be comfortable. Underfloor heat is a smart, modern way of providing heat for the home. Unlike forced air systems that circulate heated air, warm floors heat from the floor up meaning there are no allergens being kicked into the air or drafts of heat being wasted up at the ceiling. Heated floor systems are also silent as well so you won’t need to relocate when the fan kicks on.

Increased efficiency is also a product of these systems as the heat is applied where you need it. Unless you plan on putting your chair up on the ceiling you will enjoy the heat down low where you live and work. You can also heat each room independently as each “zone” will have its own thermostat. Try that with most forced air systems.

Warm floors, as they have become known as, would be my first choice in a home heating system – hands down. If you haven’t experienced heated floors, do yourself that favor and try it. Chances are, your next call will be to arrange the installation.


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