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Lavish Your Loved Ones

September 16, 2010 00:09 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Radiant Floor Heating is a Lavish Luxury for Low Cost

Do you dream of being able to lavish your loved ones with extra perks in life? Deluxe hot cocoa flown in from Belgium, extra fluffy towels, dream vacation to Disneyland? What about radiant floor heating in your teenage daughter’s bathroom? Every morning on her list of daily complaints you find “cold floors” so why not consider a heated tile floor. Or your wife bemoans walking into the kitchen each morning to fix her cup of Joe. It’s simply too cold. Why can’t you have floor heating there too? Good news…you can!

Radiant floor heating is a lavish sounding luxury that may seem too pricey given your shrinking bank accounts. The good news is that not only is it an affordable upgrade to your home, it is also a great home improvement investment. Radiant heated floors can be easily added to a small room or the whole house and without breaking the bank. What may sound like a luxury far beyond your reach is technically within your power to obtain. Now more than ever a warm floor is a feature that home buyers and builders are gravitating towards. They feel great, heat efficiently and make heating your home luxuriously slick to do.

Go ahead and dream big, dream lavishly, dream of the day your teenager says “I love you” again without following it up with “can I borrow the car.” Dream of the day your wife skips to the kitchen bare feet and not only pour herself some hot coffee, but makes a mug for you too. All these things could become a reality with radiant floor heating, a simple luxury you can afford.

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