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Baby Toes to a Sniffling Nose

November 07, 2010 00:11 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Many Reasons to Have Heated Floors

Why do moms come pre-wired with the ingrained phrase, “You’ll catch your death if you walk around in bare feet?”  It must be in the same micro-chip implanted in every mom-brain that also includes the dreaded “wait until your father gets home,” or “you’ll thank me when you’re older.” Or what about “life is NOT fair.” That is a truth we all learn too soon. That same micro-chip includes the inherent love of baby toes and soft good-night kisses after a hushed reading of Three Little Pigs. Moms and dads alike can rejoice in the many benefits of having a heated floor because it addresses some of these basic parenting delights.

First, a floor with electric radiant heat keeps those precious baby toes toasty warm. The little ones can crawl, toddle, and wiggle around on a warm surface. And secondly, as those baby toes grow and you worry more and more about illness, you can take heart with a heated floor. Those baby toes grow into teenager toes that may rebel against shoes and socks, but you’ll know they are staying warm thanks to your floor heating system.

Parenting comes with a lot of hardship shuffled amongst all that joy and laughter. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about at least one part of your kid’s lives? A heated floor offers many benefits for your family. Peace of mind being one of the reasons. Other reasons for having underfloor heating include affordability, efficient comfort and convenient versatility.

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