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Radiant Floor Heating is Efficient and Comfortable

July 06, 2012 00:07 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Not Even a Little White Lie Could Debunk Heated Floors

Radiant heated tile floor. Radiant floor heating operates more efficiently than forced air or space heaters. It’s not a lie. In fact, it’s the opposite of a lie. The big fat honest truth is that installing a radiant heated floor system in your home is not only an efficient, but the smart thing to do. Operating with the best principles of radiant heat, a heated floor utilizes warm heat cables in your floors to evenly and efficiently heat your entire home - from the bottom up.

Radiant heat touches everything in its path so it warms literally from the ground up. The heat cables run electrically using a simple thermostat system that allows you to set it and then forget it. What happens next is radiant heat comfort and efficiency. The heat radiates from the heat cables underneath your floor and effectively warms everything it touches with radiant heat. The heat will envelop furniture and draperies leaving the entire space feeling warm and cozy. Radiant heat uses less energy because it only runs when it senses the temperature (that you’ve set) has dropped to a point where heating is necessary once again. The heat soaks into your home from the floor to the ceiling leaving you with no doubt of the truth heating efficiency of radiant heated floors.

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