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Efficient Radiant Floor Heat

February 23, 2011 00:02 AM  BY  BENSON RICKS

Raise the Comfort Level with Underfloor Heating

The concept of radiant heat has been around since the days of the Roman Empire, but have you experienced the comfort of a heated floor yet? Radiant heated floors are an alternative way of providing heat for any particular room. They utilize a grid of heat cable underneath the finish floor surface and the result is an efficient, warm floor that heats your home from the ground up.

Installing radiant floor heating cable. Warmzone offers a variety of proven floor heating systems for just about any type of surface. As an industry leader, Warmzone’s services and products are a cut above the competition. Durability and efficiency are extremely important when it comes to floor heating, and Warmzone is a name you can trust. By working with the pros at Warmzone, you’ll be assured of receiving the top radiant heat products, system design and engineering, and service.

Radiant floor heat provides unsurpassed comfort and eliminates the drafts and noise of a blowing furnace. These maintenance-free systems are fully automated and feature programmable thermostats so you can heat rooms individually as your needs warrant. If you have rooms that aren’t going to be used for awhile you can shut the heat off to those areas with a punch of a button. The ability to customize and heat zones individually greatly ads to the overall efficiency of the system.

Heated floors can be installed in existing surfaces as well, so don’t feel you have missed out if you have just taken possession of a new home and it lacks the comfort of radiant floor heat. If you have access to the floor joists from below, you can retrofit your floors with an electric radiant floor heating system.

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