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Radiant Heat - A Tale of Warm Feet

June 20, 2012 00:06 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Radiant Heated Floors Put a Little Joy in My Heart

Radiant heated floors couldn’t possibly change my life; or could they? I was wrong to think they couldn't. The first time I stepped onto the joy-filled-heated-walking-surface, I grinned from ear to ear. The heat radiated (of course it did, it was radiant heat after all) from the tip of my biggest toe and curled like a blanket soaked in warm butter around my shoulders, putting a rosy glow of comfort and heat into my cheeks. Sure, it sounds dramatic to you as a reader, but have you ever experienced radiant heated floors? If yes, you know exactly what I’m writing about. It not, then run, do not walk, to your nearest friend or loved one with radiant heat and beg them to let you float across its warming glow.

What radiant heat gave me is more than cozy tootsies and a warmer environment. Radiant floor heating systems also offer energy efficient heating for your entire home. Many people use it to troubleshoot a cold spot in their home such as a dark and drafty basement, or a frigid bathroom floor, but radiant floor heating is powerful enough and affordable enough to become your primary source of heating. After you have radiant heated floors see if you catch yourself humming a happy tune. I did.

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