ComfortTile radiant underfloor heating systems         

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ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Mat ComfortTile Floor Heating Cable GFCI Thermostat

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ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Systems         

Warmzone ComfortTile electric floor heating cable systems combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. The ComfortTile cable is only 1/8 of an inch in diameter, allowing you to install a radiant heated floor with minimal floor buildup. The cable is also very flexible, so your layout can be easily customized on site, and features single-point connection (single termination), so you can layout the entire length of the cable without returning the end back to the thermostat.Strapping for ComfortTile floor heating cable.

The easy-to-install floor heating system also features twin-conductor cables, which cancel out harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and comes with a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty. ComfortTile cable strapping (right) is included with each ComfortTile radiant floor heating package, as well as a programmable, 7-day setback thermostat.



ComfortTile Heat Cable – Technical Specs



Minimum bending radius:

Minimum use temperature:

Maximum permissible use temperature:

Bus wire type:

Maximum resistance protective braid:

Minimum braid coverage:


120V, 240VAC


-22° F (-30° C)

150° F (65° C) powered / 185° F (85° C) un-powered

16 AWG, tinned copper

0.0055 Ω/ft. (0.0182 Ω/m)

70 percent

0.45 x 0.216 inches (11.5 x 5.5 mm)