Warmzone new construction radiant floor heating systems
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Programmable thermostat for radiant heated floor system. Straps for In-Slab floor heating cable.
Warmzone In-Slab Floor Heating Cable Radiant Floor Heating Thermostat In-Slab Heat Cable Strap

Underfloor heat gray bar 

Warmzone In-Slab Radiant Floor Heating Systems    

Warmzone In-Slab radiant floor heating cables are the basis of an efficient, long term indoor floor heating system. Designed for comfort and convenience, the In-Slab heat cable consistently distributes even heat across the floor surface, providing you with reliable, maintenance-free operation.

In-Slab floor heating systems are flexible, extremely durable and easy to install. The In-Slab floor warming system features single-point connection and can be easily custom sized to fit into any size or shape of room. The cable is required to be embedded in at least 1/2-inch of concrete or mortar, which allows the cable to be installed under any type of floor, including hardwood, carpet, ceramic tile, marble, and more. Because the radiant floor heating cable has a protective, waterproof, metallic shield, it is safe for use in both wet and dry applications.

Required Item: GFCI Thermostat
The In-Slab radiant floor heating system is controlled by a thermostat with a built-in GFCI and in-floor sensor (which must be purchased separately).The floor heating thermostat is fully programmable, ensuring ideal comfort and energy-efficient operation. The thermostat includes a clock function that allows you to set four events per day, including weekday and weekend settings. You can program the radiant floor heating system to warm your floors in the morning and then automatically shutoff when you leave for work, so your floors are heated only when you need.

Radiant floor heating cable mat. Product Features:

  • Single-point connection
  • In-floor sensor
  • Waterproof, metallic protective shield
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty


In-Slab Heat Cable – Product Features 

Product Features

Technical Specs

Versatile, rugged design allows for use in many applications.

Single point connection.

Durable construction materials.

Comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Extensive radiant heat design, manufacturing and installation experience.

Proven and trusted industry-leading heat cable.


Power Output:

Cable Diameter:

Core Insulation:

Outer Sheath:

Maximum Temperature: 

Certified Approvals:  

208V, 240VAC, 277V, 347V

22-26W per square foot




120° F (65° C)