Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Industry-Leading Radiant Floor Heating Systems

While there are several electric underfloor radiant heat systems on the market, only a few meet all the safety and performance standards for quality residential and commercial applications. Warmzone offers the most proven, reputable radiant floor heating systems available. These electric floor heating systems are extremely reliable, highly effective, energy efficient and easy to install. If you are going to invest in the luxurious comfort of underfloor heating, deal with the experienced professionals who offer the most comprehensive services and best radiant floor warming systems on the market.

ComfortTile Floor Heating
Cable and Mats
LX cable - The most common solution for tile floor heating.   
ComfortTile Mat
Warmzone ComfortTile
Floor Heating Mat
Ideal for a wide range of flooring surfaces, the ComfortTile underfloor heating system is commonly used to heat tile, marble and even carpeted floors. The single point connection design of the ComfortTile floor heating system allows you to connect one cable to the thermostat, without having to return the end back to the controller, making the system easy to install.

The ComfortTile system features twin-conductor cables, which have an inherent benefit of canceling out harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF). Additionally, the thin design of the ComfortTile cable results in flexibility and minimal floor buildup, enhancing simple installation and the ability to customize the layout of the floor heating system.  

ComfortTile underfloor heat cable information
In-Slab Floor Heating Cable and Mats
TX heat cable is designed for installation in concrete slabs.   TX cable is an in-slab solution for heated tile floors.   
Warmzone In-Slab floor heating cable for new construction applications
Warmzone In-Slab 
Floor Heating Cable
Designed specifically for in-slab underfloor applications, Warmzone's In-Slab cable is the premier electric radiant floor heating solution for floors requiring concrete slab installations. The extremely durable heat cable is safe for use in wet and dry applications.

The In-Slab cable features single point connection, simplifying the installation process by allowing you to layout the entire cable length without having to return the other end back to the thermostat.

In-Slab heat cable is easy to install and provides safe, energy-efficient floor heating for a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, carpet, marble and slate and more. In-Slab cable is UL listed, and thereby satisfies the requirements of residential fire insurance policies.

In-Slab underfloor heat cable information
Excellent for heated hardwood floors.   Warm Ribbon can be used for heated tile floors.
Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon electric radiant floor heat. Warmzone
FloorHeat Heating Element

FloorHeat is a unique heating element because it can be installed directly under any material, ranging from hardwood floors to roofing. Warmzone FloorHeat is installed directly under various types of floors, and even in thinset when installing radiant floor heating under tile. No additional floor buildup is required when heating floors with FloorHeat because it is so thin.

FloorHeat is a safe low-voltage product for practically any application. The self regulating heating element can be safely nailed through (which is especially convenient in roof heating applications), without damaging the heating element. 

  FloorHeat radiant floor heating product information.