Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon - Floor Heating Solution

Warm Ribbon floor heating product information

The Thin Underfloor Radiant Heating Element

Ideal Heat's Warm Ribbon offers an incredibly thin radiant underfloor heating solution. The heat cable, or ribbon, features an innovative molecular structure that utilizes a unique metal ribbon to distribute heat evenly and efficiently. The underfloor heating system combines high electrical resistance, stability, rugged strength and flexibility. The Warm Ribbon radiant floor heating solution is made of crystalline metal and laid out in strips or ribbons, resulting in efficient radiant floor heating with rapid response times and optimum energy usage.

Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon installed under hardwood floor.
Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon is an excellent radiant floor heating solution for laminate floor surfaces that do not require nailing.

As a world-leading product for underfloor heating and other radiant heat solutions, Ideal Heat's Warm Ribbon stands apart from other radiant floor warming systems, many of which result in significant floor buildup. Warm Ribbon comes in uniquely thin, pre-woven mats, making installation simple and convenient.

The versatile heating ribbon is capable of being used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the radiant heat applications include:

  • Underfloor radiant heating mats for parquetry, laminates and ceramic tile

  • Heating mesh incorporated in PVC sheets, flexible silicone and
    rubber sheets

  • Roof and gutter heat (for snow and ice melting)

  • Rigid radiant heating panels and profiles in different dimensions and power


  Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon

Product Feature Benefit
Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon radiant floor heating system.
Ideal Heat's Warm Ribbon
Flat Heating Element

Pre-spaced Mats

High Elasticity

Crystalline Metal Construction

Thin Ribbon Design

Warm Ribbon is the thinnest radiant floor heating system available, resulting in minimal floor buildup.

Warm Ribbon is available in convenient mats that can be easily rolled out for simple installation.

The durable Warm Ribbon is very flexible, facilitating easy installation.

Provides optimum floor heating performance and versatility.

Increased surface area allows heat to radiate outward efficiently, resulting in economic operating costs.